Thursday, 2 October 2014

Rainbow scarf

Yesterday I finger knitted a rainbow scarf, my Mum found it on Pinterest and I liked the idea, so together we made it.

It was simple when I got back into the rhythm, as I'd done finger knitting before.  My Mum and I did three colours each on the rainbow scarf.  I did red, yellow and blue and my Mum did pink, purple and green.  We then stitched them together with the ends that weren't being used and today we made pom poms using cardboard that was shaped like a horseshoe.  They are big white fluffy pom poms and I almost used all of my white wool up. 

 It was reasonably easy because I'd done lots of finger knitting before, it was just a matter of remembering how I did it before.  It took a little while starting and finishing it because we didn't really know quite how so we looked it up and found out how.  I wear it a lot and it is super warm.
The first pom pom we made was too big so we made two smaller ones, two on each end.
I really enjoyed making it and would make one again without a question.


  1. Hi, Maya! Love the scarf, especially the sparkling effect of the big white poms against the rainbow. So cute!!!

  2. This is superdeedooper really really really cute! I love it.